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Project: 2000-2002 Belarus

Posted on June 30, 2002.

2000-2002 Belarus Strengthening environmental citizens’ organisations in Belarus Aim: Increasing the visibility of environmental NGOs and enhancing their capacity to influence environmental decision-making processes. Global Scope: Belarus Period: from 2000-04-01 till 2002-06-30     (5) Funder: Matra Programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Partners: Burenco (Belarus), Municipality of Eindhoven/Bureau International Coordination (Netherlands) Themes: Capacity building, public […]

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Project: 1999-2002 Albania/Macedonia

Posted on April 30, 2002.

1999-2002 Albania/Macedonia Development of Albanian and Macedonian citizens’ organisations Aim: Development of NGO skills in internal organisation and management, networking and public participation. Global Scope: Albania, Macedonia Period: from 1999-09-01 till 2002-04-30     (7) Funder: Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation (HIVOS), Netherlands Partners: Themes: Capacity building, networking, public participation Aim Although the situations in the two countries […]

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Project: 1999-2001 Ukraine

Posted on December 31, 2001.

1999-2001 Ukraine Raising public support in Ukraine Aim: Mobilize citizens and strengthen environmental NGOs to improve their capacity to develop strategic action plans to fight environmental problems and to build a dialogue with local governments. Global Scope: Ukraine Period: from 1999-10-01 till 2001-12-31     (6) Funder: Matra Programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Partners: Dnipropetrovsk […]

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Project: 2000-2001 Public Participation

Posted on March 31, 2001.

2000-2001 Public Participation Public participation in environmental decision-making Aim: To provide Central and East European NGOs with tools and information to make optimal use of the Convention on Public Participation in their countries. Global Scope: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia Period: from 2000-01-01 till 2001-03-31 (11) Funder: Netherlands Ministry of Environment (VROM) Partners: Themes: Public […]

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Project: 1999-2001 Croatia Action Coalition

Posted on February 28, 2001.

1999-2001 Croatia Action Coalition Action coalition of Croatian environmental NGOs Aim: To raise awareness, generate and articulate public pressure, and ensure broad public particiation in influencing national and local government policies and practices. Global Scope: Croatia Period: from 1999-01-01 till 2001-02-28     (13) Funder: Matra Programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Partners: Zelena Akcija (Green […]

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