Project: 2003-2003 Moldova ICT

Posted on November 30, 2003 in Capacity building, Finished project, ICT.

2003-2003 Moldova ICT

Moldovan NGOs getting connected

Aim: Building ICT infrastructure for Moldovan environmental community

Global Scope: Moldova

Period: from 2003-01-01 till 2003-11-30     (36)

Funder: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Partners: OrangeNet

Themes: Networking, information and communication technology (ICT)

The aim of the project is to build infrastructure for the Moldovan environmental community and to support NGOs to develop their electronic communication network.

The short term aims of the project are
• to develop software and tools for NGOs to use ICT,
• to support organisational capacity building of the NGOs,
• to promote the ICT work in South Eastern Europe.

Many activities of environmental NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe benefit increasingly by the use and development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ICT can be an effective tool to stimulate exchange of information and experience and to encourage NGOs to open up. In Moldova Information and Communication Technology is more or less in its initial stage of development. Not many NGOs have the opportunity to use electronic information, due to the lack of equipment, experiences and financial resources. The main use of ICT tools is e-mail, since direct internet access is for most organisations too expensive and due to bad telephone lines not easy.

The first Moldovan initiative in electronic communication – OrangeNet – was established with the guidance of Milieukontakt in Autumn 2001. Currently in OrangeNet there are representatives of four NGOs from the environmental movement in Moldova. OrangeNet is relevant and useful for the NGO community in Moldova and achieved interesting results, such as dissimination of an e-newsletter, development of a website, and mailing lists. OrangeNet initiates actions, stimulates discussion and implementates activities. Important is to develop activities that will encourage a better use of ICT and increase information exchange and communication among NGOs. OrangeNet wants to give an impulse to the development of electronic communication and information in the third sector in Moldolva. OrangeNet can support NGOs to disseminate equipment to NGOs and to train NGOs to make more effectively use of ICT and encourage information exchange in Moldovan society.

Service and software application/adaptation
OrangeNet develops service and software that can be used by other organisations in Moldova. The software tools will be developed in cooperation with Strawberrynet Romania and Bluelink Bulgaria.
On the basis of a strong selection of applying NGOs a number of computers will be distributed in the different regions of Moldova.

Regional workshops and seminar
In regional workshops NGOs will be trained on requiring new skills, have discussions on ICT strategy and on how to build Internet Communities. Participants will come from different local NGOs.
A seminar for NGOs and a number of foreign NGOs from the region will be organised to develop the strategy for future development of electronic networks.

Partners: OrangeNet

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