Project: 2004-2008 Revival of the Kyrgyz environmental movement

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2004-2008 Revival of the Kyrgyz environmental movement

Revival of the Kyrgyz environmental movement

Aim: To develop long-term cooperation between Kyrgyz environmental NGOs

Global Scope: Kyrgyzstan

Period: from 2004-10-01 till 2008-10-01 (48)

Funder: Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation (HIVOS)

Partners: to be selected

Themes: network development, public relations, financial and organizational management

Revival of the Kyrgyz environmental movement
The programme concentrates on creating better communication and cooperation among NGOs in Kyrgyzstan and between NGOs and their most important target groups. In this sense, the project will focus on good practise and positive examples of cooperation and communication of NGOs and execution of pilot projects on local level, as a result of priorities set in thematic working groups.
Milieukontakt and its main Kyrgyz partners invites Kyrgyz NGOs to take up responsibilities and implement a series of tasks supported by a series of training activities to share information and to build trust and confidence. Training in Networking and Advocacy, Information management and communication strategies and tools will play an important role. Links and partnerships with neighbouring countries will be encouraged, with Kazakhstan, as well as contacts with Russia.

The overall long-term objectives are:
– To strengthen the communication among Kyrgyz environmental NGOs;
– To develop long-term cooperation projects between Kyrgyz environmental NGOs and their networks.

Short-term objectives
– Improved communication between NGOs at local, regional and national level through the establishment of an informational network;
– Strengthening of NGOs from different ‘generations’ and geographical orientation, through NGO capacity building;
– Partnership promotion: establishment of, or support for, thematic working groups of environmental NGOs operative in Kyrgyzstan;
– Improved financial sustainability of NGO working groups and networks;
– Tools for effective sustainable action created and implemented in local community projects;
– Joint promotion of environmental education;
– Increased knowledge of public participation tools among Kyrgyz environmental NGOs.

The target group of the project includes all Kyrgyz environmental NGOs.

Opening an office in Bishkek
Milieukontakt will open an office with a small staff of two persons qualified on communication and organisational skills. The Office will be a place open to all NGOs that are willing to cooperate within the project. The staff will be responsible for coordination of activities within the country.

Activities in the project:
Open meeting for all NGOs working in the field of environment and nature
In cooperation with coordinators of existing environmental networks or working groups in Kyrgyzstan Milieukontakt will prepare a meeting, open to all organisations working in the field of environment and nature.

Establishing a trainers pool
To develop skills on communication, campaigning, ict, negotiations and public participation Milieukontakt will facilitate the establishment of a trainers team. The trainers will be trained in conducting several training programmers, on for example, public participation, ict, negotiation, fundraising project management and campaigning . The trainers’ pool will have a twofold effect: first it will improve the capacity of (environmental) NGOs in Kyrgyzstan and, second, it will enlarge possibilities for funding of the NGOs whose trainers are involved.

Establishing the Working groups
During the initial meeting at least four themes will be chosen on which working groups will develop a strategy paper. From the strategy papers, the working groups develop an action plan with clear goals, activities and expected results.

Pilot projects
Milieukontakt will support twelve pilot projects based upon the Action plans from the working groups (three pilots per working working group). These pilots are chosen from an open tender in which all NGOs can participate.

Establishing a working group on Public participation
This working group is responsible for supporting activities in this field within the program.

Training on public participation
Milieukontakt developed a training on public participation. This training works with personal experiences of participants with access to information and participation in decision making. It aims at developing communication skills, necessary for public participation. This training will be provided to and adapted within the trainers’ pool. The trainers will conduct the training for NGOS in the country

Improving government information sharing
NGOs are the main clients of government information on environmental decision making. The working group on public participation will formulate recommendations for the government to improve information sharing in this field.

To develop success stories the working group on PP will invite NGOs to present cases. The working group will select prominent case connected to the three pillars of Aarhus. The working group will support these cases with advise and disseminate the results through publications and in international fora.

Provide information on Public participation
The working group will disseminate information on public participation through meetings, publications, training and advise of NGOs.

Establishment of and support for an Kyrgyz environmental information unit
A core group from active NGO members working in various fields will be established during the platform meeting.

Improve internet access
To create a network means the dissemination of hardware and software applications throughout the country to give more organisations access to internet.

Training ICT as tool for NGOs
Together with the trainers pool Milieukontakt will support NGOs in the use of internet facilities, development of websites and networks.

Publication of an electronic news bulletin for Kyrgyz environmental NGOs
A regular electronic news bulletin for all environmental Kyrgyz NGOs will be established on the basis of the information unit.

“Environmental cafe”
To develop the public debate on different level Milieukontakt will introduce the concept of the environmental cafe: a space, where people can discuss environment, conservation, endangered species, and environmental politics in Kyrgyzstan.

Travel fund
For the support of exchange activities and participation in international fora Milieukontakt wants to create a travel fund for members of the NGO community.

Capacity building program
Eight trainers from the trainer’ pool, selected and trained in capacity building for Kyrgyz NGOs throughout the country, will conduct a series of training sessions for local NGOs. For every region (including the city of Bishkek) one trainer is selected and trained.
Per trainer two NGOs will be identified for training and counseling. Additionally, another two NGOs will be selected in each region to join the training sessions.

Partners: to be selected

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