Project: 2005-2006 Albania env. movement

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2005-2006 Albania env. movement

Towards Sustaining the Albanian Environmental Movement

Aim: To develop a strong and democratically organised environmental NGO movement. This means a movement that has a high visibility in society, is able to raise public awareness and is capable of playing an important role in policy- and decision-making processes.

Global Scope: Albania

Period: from 2005-05-01 till 2006-12-31     (57)

Funder: Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation (HIVOS), Netherlands, PSO, Netherlands, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, Netherlands, Province of Zeeland, Netherlands

Partners: QKE, EDEN, Ekolevizja, Working Group on Greening elections

Themes: Environmental Education, Greening of Local Elections,
Green Agenda, Coalition building, International Networking


The long-term goal of the Milieukontakt programme for Albania is “to develop a strong and democratically organised environmental NGO movement. This means a movement that has a high visibility in society, is able to raise public awareness and is capable of playing an important role in policy- and decision-making processes.” For Albania to develop into in a sustainable, ecological friendly and democratic society a strong environmental movement is needed.
This long-term goal has guided us since 2000 when Milieukontakt started its first project in Albania.

The third Milieukontakt project in Albania has he following project objectives:

  • A wider group of NGOs understand strategic action planning and are able to execute campaigns, thereby gaining local commitment and raising the level of cooperation with local government;
  • NGOs are able to make effective use of different media ensuring their cooperation with each other and with their national government;
  • The Milieukontakt office is turned into a NGO service centre, owned by the NGOs and hosting different services that actually support the further development of the environmental NGO movement.
  • Sustainable and well functioning NGO services of our Partners: QKE, EDEN, Ekolevizja, Working Group on Greening elections


The logic of all Milieukontakt programs is that they are based on the rich Milieukontakt experience in the Netherlands and abroad (in Central Europe, South Eastern Europe and NIS in particular) and follow the theory of the environmental movement development. According to this theory the environmental movement development process includes 4 stages (see picture).

4 Stages of Environmental Movement Development ProcessThe evaluation of our second project conducted in 2004 showed that the environmental movement in Albania is roughly at the second stage and already has certain elements of the third stage. HIVOS, who has been the main funder of our activities in Albania, announced that it would stop its contribution for Albania by the end of 2006. Therefore we decided to make a maximum effort towards sustainability of the environmental movement by the end of 2006.


Milieukontakt will develop a framework for partnership with NGOs. This framework will be centred on development of an equal relationship between the NGO and Milieukontakt. Furthermore the division of tasks between the NGO and Milieukontakt will be clarified. With those basic conditions in place joint proposals can be written. Within these new projects Milieukontakt can provide assistance on project management, financial management and accounting, etc.

Local and regional activities

Milieukontakt’s office in Tirana will be transformed into a NGO Resource Centre. Several service NGOs will share accommodation and facilities in this Centre. The Centre will be able to provide facilities, services and support for NGOs. Management of the Resource Centre will be the responsibility of a governing board that will be set up by NGOs. Milieukontakt will facilitate the start-up and establishment of this governing board. This Resourse Centre will provide necessary support for the development of the NGO movement.

Albania is a large country. Two regional NGOs, one in Shkodra and one in Librazhd will develop into regional service points for NGOs. They will provide services for smaller NGOs in their region, primarily in the field of Environmental Education. The group of Nature Guides, set up and trained with the help of IVN Zeeland will, receive additional training and coaching. These Nature Guides will set up and train local branches in Shkodra and Librazhd.
The capacity building component, one of the main elements of the previous Milieukontakt project in Albania will be extended to cover also the central-western part of Albania. Members of six NGOs in that area will be trained to improve the Organisation and Management of their NGO.
As a result the NGOs will learn strategic action planning and will be able to execute campaigns.
The team of trainers, that has become part of the local NGO ‘EDEN”, is a key factor in carrying out the aforementioned tasks. To be able to carry out these tasks they will receive further training on various topics such as facilitation techniques, volunteer management, counselling skills etc.
Green Agenda, a special type of Local Agenda 21 that primarily focuses on environmental issues will be introduced as a training topic.

National Networks
In partnership with Ekolevizja, a coalition of 25 environmental NGOs a campaign will be set up aiming to put environmental topics on the agenda for the next local elections in Albania. Local campaigns will be carried out in 10 communities throughout Albania. In order to have a national impact these campaigns will all focus on waste as the most pressing environmental topic in Albania and will all use the same slogan and logo.
Prior to the elections Milieukontakt and Ekolevizja will organise a Field Symposium in Tirana. In this one-day event politicians, NGO’s, media and members of international organisations will be guided to several spots in Tirana where experts will show them to what extent pollution is affecting the quality of the green areas and hence of the health of the inhabitants of the Capital.
Milieukontakt is undertaking efforts to rehabilitate Tirana Zoo. Milieukontakt, together with 3 other interested parties from the Netherlands (IVN Zeeland, European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) and Mecanoo Architects) and two Albanian partners (EDEN and Tirana Municipality) is organising a joint approach in rehabilitation of the zoo. Although visibly neglected for decades, Tirana Zoo has great potential from the point of view of Environmental Education. Ideally the zoo would house a fully functioning and appealing EE facility by the end of our project.

International networking
Milieukontakt will organise an international workshop on Eco tourism. The workshop will present best practices from NGOs from Albania and from neighbouring countries. Tour operators and other stakeholders will also be invited at the meeting.
The initiative will be taken to link the EDEN Team of trainers to an international network of trainers. International meetings will be organised to discuss the formats and content of training modules. By using the same training approaches and training formats trainers from different countries will be able to easily share the materials that they use in their work with environmental NGOs.

Partners: QKE, EDEN, Ekolevizja, Working Group on Greening elections

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