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Posted on April 8, 2008 in Capacity building, Monitoring & evaluation, Publication, Training Networks.

Milieukontakt was until recently active in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Caucasus and the Balkan countries. In the beginning of 2008 Milieukontakt has officially changed its name and statutes. As a result of this change new countries can be visited. The first two missions outside Europe are to Bonaire in 2007 (Sofiya Lukyanchuk) and Aruba in 2008 (Jerphaas Donner).

That the first two missions are to the Dutch Antilles and Aruba is not a coincidence. Milieukontakt is since 2006 active in the partnership with the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance and has established contacts with the foundation for the Emilio Wilson Estate on St Maarten and Uniek Curacao. In 2007 Milieukontakt was approached by CEDE Aruba.

Please see the mission report of the first visit to Aruba downloadable in .pdf format: Mission report Aruba

Based on the needs assessment CEDE Aruba was preparing a support program for civil society organizations active in the field of nature and environment on Aruba and was looking for an organization that provided trainings in that field. Milieukontakt was one of the potential partners to conduct the training program.

Milieukontakt was selected as the organization to deliver a training on result based programming. Milieukontakt director Jerphaas Donner agreed to act as trainer.

After the training a four month period will be used for conducting the program designed during the training.
The training was prepared in cooperation between CEDE Aruba Mariƫlle Hoeijmakers and Jerphaas Donner. Rene Leander from AMTI is the third partner in this team. He is responsible for the coaching of the participating organizations after the training.

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