Green Agenda in Balkans after one and a halve years of hard work

Posted on August 8, 2008 in Green agenda, Public Participation.

Programme Green Agenda in Balkans consists of 6 Green Agenda Projects (in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia). All 6 project are implemented independently but are manged by one joint project management team that means – in close cooperation and collaboration with each other. After one and a halve years of challenging but exiting work, project management team, representatives of 18 participating in the projects NGOs and trainers meet in Struga (Macedonia) to present their achievements, exchange experience and update each other on project development in their countries.

During the first Skill Share Seminar (13-15th of June 2008) followed by the second Project Management Team meeting (16-18 June of 2008) participants participated in several training sessions (Open Space, Fundraising, etc.), discussions and planning sessions. These two events were organized and carried out by all members of project management team that prepared and facilitated different sessions.

Regional Skill Share Seminar took place on 13-15th June in Struga, Macedonia.

A number of workshops and international events have taken place by now in the GA programme and during those events it became apparent that there is a large need for exchange of information on the Green Agenda processes in the other countries, especially since some countries are farther along the Green Agenda process. We acknowledge this and therefore we decided not to choose a specific topic for this Regional Skill Share Seminar, but to focus on the GA in the countries and offer a place for exchange and a lot of room for input from the NGOs and trainers, from YOUR experiences so far with the implementation of the GA in your own community, and to give the opportunity to share this with the other NGO members and trainers present at the seminar. The second main theme, which was also mentioned by you during previous meetings, is the topic of fundraising.

Goals of the Regional Skill Share Seminar

The skill share seminars can form a starting point for some joint activities such as cross border communities that share similar issues. It is the intention to form a regional network of environmental NGOs, active communities with Green Agenda experience, trainers and experts that can act as a change agent in their own country while being strengthened with new insights, knowledge, experience and skills from the project, the trainings and the NGOs from the other countries in the programme.

  • To exchange information and experiences about GA in all 6 programme countries, for example regarding the local WGs (formation and themes), first stakeholder meetings, role of trainers, additional fundraising, experiences on GA in general in all 6 programme countries and about the process itself.
  • Strengthen the GA process on local, national and regional level;
  • Initiate cooperation and networking between NGOs of the 6 programme countries;
  • Strengthen the link/bond between within countries and between countries;
  • To share information about fundraising possibilities, come up with fundraising strategies and improve skills for fundraising on local, national and regional level.

In a meeting were present 19 persons representing 18 NGOs and 5 trainers teams from all 6 countries as well as 10 (local) project managers from Milieukontakt programme team.

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