Obsolete Pesticides-a “Burning” Question

Posted on August 19, 2009 in Obsolete Pesticides, Project, Publication, Theme.

Report on Obsolete Pesticides : alternative methods for destruction of OPsSince 2005 a consortium of Milieukontakt International, the International HCH and Pesticides Association, engineering company Tauw BV and the Dutch NGO Natuur en Milieu (Nature and Environment) has been involved in the elimination of risks of obsolete pesticides in several countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.While working on the inventory and repacking of obsolete pesticides, the consortium realised that there is a strong need for locally applicable methods of destruction. A safe and environmentally sound method could prevent expensive long distance transport of pesticides to the incineration installations in Western Europe. An adequate local system in place could also prevent local governments from using their own installations -for example old cement factories- that can create severe environmental hazards.

The consortium believes that a locally applicable methodology could bring a new breakthrough in the destruction of obsolete pesticides. Therefore, it was decided to select two methodologies for further research and possible development. Due to the limit of our project budget, the number of methods had to be restricted. Based on earlier research and own inventory, we down selected two methodologies. This process was monitored by a group of experts on the basis of international developed criteria.

Last year a conference was organised to reflect with the main players in the field of obsolete pesticides on the two selected methodologies. The report Obsolete Pesticdes-a Burning Question presents the results of this conference, and also includes additional information on the two technologies under review.

Download all documents listed below in one zipfile (14MB) 

Presentations delivered during the conference can also be downloaded here:

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